MB607-j1939 CANBus and LINBus Module
The latest MuxWiring module designed to have the same features as our MB607 module plus integration with any industry standard CANbus or LINbus network

The MB607-j1939 is a modified version of our workhorse module that can be used for most any application in a car. This module is specifically designed to integrate with CAN and LIN bus applications allowing for advanced interface and control of smart technologies. This includes industry standard CAN Bus switch/button arrays from a variety of vendors. 

MB607-j1939 Specifications

  • MB607 Can Bus j1939 FD *Up to 2Mbps *j1939 legacy support
  • 11 bit and 29 bit ID support – CAN 2.0A or CAN 2.0B
  • 6 channel high current drive outputs, push-pull, PWM support, current measurements
  • 7 channel analog input up to 16.8V
  • Both CAN bus Master and Client capable
  • CAN bus controller or Node/Client device with programmable IDs
  • Add on LIN bus function-will function as a CAN to LIN smart bridge
  • All the other features included in the MB607 base module

The MB607-j1939 can act as a bus master for CAN Bus j1939 or LIN Bus, as well as a CAN or LIN bus endpoint node

  • Ideal as a LIN Node for use as a Seat controller, Mirror controller, Window controller
  • Built in differential, high current drive pins

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