GM01 Analog Gauge Driver
Want to drive analog gauges with CANBus? Drive analog gauges with your aftermarket or stock ECU? Add in extra analog sensors too? The GM01 is for you!

The Muxwiring GM01 eliminates wiring headaches for analog gauges! The GM01 allows you to wire gauges with only a 3 wire harness between them consisting of power, data, and ground. This allows dashboard wiring to be significantly cleaner and lighter compared to oem wiring. The GM01 can drive LED backlighting in modern gauges.  Based on user configuration the GM01 can change the colors on gauges to indicate warnings and alerts. The GM01 works with our MB607 module to take in gage data from a variety of sources, including “stock” OBD2 data, aftermarket ECM’s including Holley brand ECM’s, and also from analog sensors. We can mix all of this data together into a single CANBus datastream to drive all of your gauges. The GM01 also supports custom scaling, allowing mismatched sending units and gauges to accurately display data.

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The GM01 is compatible with all modern gauge manufacturers, including using multiple manufacturers in the same build. Currently the GM01 bolts onto 2 1/16″ gauges. For other gauge sizes please CONTACT US