MB419 1-Wire Steering Wheel Module
Want to add buttons to your steering wheel? Dont want dangling cords everywhere to get tangled? The MB419 is for you!

The MB419 allows adding of buttons, knobs, LCD displays, and LED’s to a steering wheel using ONLY the horn wire. This allows the use of removable steering wheels without unsightly cords dangling off of them getting tangled as you turn. The MB419 can drive up to 300mA of outputs, and handle up to 18inputs. This allows the adding of buttons, knobs, switches, and even an LED array to your steering wheel while using any quick-disconnect system that allows the use of the horn wire. The MB419 can also be used as an input expansion module to the MB607 allowing 18 additional inputs triggered by positive or ground.

The MB419 requires the use of an MB607 to work in a steering wheel configuration.

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See below for an example use-case of the MB419