MB607 Programmable Body Control Module
The workhorse of the Muxwiring product line, from power window control to OBD2 to solid state relay and PWM drive, this module does it ALL!

The MB607 is our workhorse module that can be used for most any application in a car. At a basic level this is a programmable solid state relay with 6 high-power outputs and 7 inputs or low power outputs, but this module does so much more than that. It can be a CANBUS or OBD2 interface, it can PWM drive any of the outputs, every output has a built in voltage and current reader(usable with the RealDash application). We offer a selection of pre-designed ready to use module configurations(listed below) but we also can do custom applications for customers on an as-needed basis(fees may apply depending on the complexity of the customer request). Our software team has built a robust programming language allowing for logic based control of outputs and user programming. Our power draw at idle is less than 1mA of current per module. 

MB607 Pre Packaged options

  • Headlight Controller
    • This option is for those who want higher power headlights but their stock wiring may not support them. Usable as a headlight relay.
    • This option also can act as a replacement to the ever popular and classic Volkswagen headlight controller module(VW 899200000 AH9)
  •  Solid State Relay
    • This unit comes pre-configured for 6 high power outputs triggered individually from 6 inputs. 
    • Each output can be configured with timer or ignition sense options using RealDash™
    • Each input can be configured as +12v or ground switched using RealDash™
  •  Electric Water Pump Driver
    • This module is preconfigured to read engine block temperature and control one water pump and two fans. The water pump and one fan will be variable drive(PWM) to improve cooling system efficiency. 
    • User Programmable temperatures and speed curves using RealDash™
  • Power Window Driver
    • This module comes pre-programmed to drive 2 power windows from inputs, bringing modern features to older cars, including one touch express up down power windows, and when used with our wireless remote, remote control of your power windows. 
  • OBD2 or aftermarket CAN based ECU interface
    • This module communicated between our MUXWiring canbus and your engines canbus to allow our GM01 gauge boards to use your engines data to drive analog gauges, our MB419 can use this data to drive a led shift light, and we can trigger functions based on OBD2 data, such as turning the cooling system to maximum if your RPM is going up, car is in gear, but not moving(such as staging for a race). 

For sales inquiries please contact us at sales@muxwiring.com

See below for some example configurations of the MB607, and see our solutions pages for more detailed information.