Check Gauges Warning Light

Monitors gauges or sensors in the car and if any are out of tolerance, can be wired to alert the driver with light and sound that indicate problem or issue exists.

Advanced Power Windows with One-Touch Control

Add power windows with one-touch up and down and wireless remote option to any car project.

Update to Existing Power Windows

Cars with standard power windows can add module and upgrades the car for both “one-touch” auto up or down and adds wireless remote option for lock/unlock doors and/or roll up/down windows.

Dual Gas Tank Supervision and Reporting

Monitors tank levels and auto-switches tank pickup based on user programming; sums gauges of each tank into one reading for a single gas gauge on dashboard.

Advanced Radiator Fan Temperature Sensing and Control

Add temperature sensing, ignition sense, A/C sense, manual override with PWM or DC motor control.

Replace Chronic Power Switch Failures

In cases where the OEM power switches fail regularly due to poor design or under-rated current draw, the module can replace switch with intuitive user interface control to enable use of load without fear of repeated failure with use, time, or heat.

True Analog Measurements with Interrupt or Alert on Specific Voltage Trip Point

Battery voltage, gas tank level, and engine temperature can be measured and a rising edge trigger and falling edge trigger can be set by user to alert user of things like “low battery”, “low fuel” or “over temperature”. Actions can be taken on these events such as shutting down power to systems to save remaining battery and turn on engine fan with temperature.

Speed Sensing-Monitor

Both transmission speed sensor or front wheel speed sensor and translate to actual MPH or data log events like excess-speed occurrence. Take actions like transmission shifting, torque converter lockup or simple drive display with speedometer.

Monitor OBD2

Read OBD2 and acquire data like oil pressure, tachometer and engine temp and translate to, for example, classic car analog gauge drive. The MB607 can correctly acquire data from digital sources and correctly drive directly classic car analog gauges!

 One-Touch Turn Signals with Self-Cancelling

The MB607 can also use speed control sensor to enhance self-cancelling. Scanning taillight outputs like seen on Ford Mustangs or Thunderbirds.

Reverse Side Mirror Tilt-Down

When vehicle is placed in reverse the MB607 can adjust select mirrors to tilt to assist backing up and then return to the original position when vehicle is no longer in reverse. Additionally, mirror memory can be added for multiple drivers.

Timed Outputs

Such as headlights or fans. Additionally, voltage sense can be used to terminate current draws and preserve starting power.

Stepper Motor

Provides drive to standard stepper motor.

Can be paired with user interface that allow configuration and comprehensive diagnostics to aide in installation and troubleshooting – needs optional USB interface cable.