Use a simple single module solution or go wild and control your entire project!

  • Reduce chassis wiring up to 60% and easy to troubleshoot
  • Lowest cost device in class – lowest startup cost
  • Lowest in class power draw in standby <1mA
  • Scalable system – use 1 module or up to 18 CAN networked modules
  • High Speed – CAN bus topology ensures Realtime performance
  • PWM drive – high current PWM on high drive channels (Light dimming, motor speed control, etc.)
  • Differential high current drive (motor reversing, power lock/unlock)
  • Developers’ environment – tools available for developers to create own designs
  • Advanced control – formulas allow for logic control (like ignition key plus turn signal)
  • RealDash™ display support, configuration, and diagnostics

Whatever vehicle you have, our Control Modules can help!

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Save Wire

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Advanced Features

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MuxWiring is a manufacturer of Programmable Control Modules. The modules REDUCE CAR WIRING, add advanced features and are scalable from a single device up to a multi-device Whole Car Control via CAN bus. Specializing in the control of: Motors, Fans, Pumps, Car Lights, Indicators, Pixels, Gauges, Buttons, Switches, Mirrors, Sensors, and interfaces with LCD Digital Dashes for custom and kit car builds, classic cars and trucks, off-road and custom racing vehicles.